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3 Ways our Service make Building or Renovations Easier

1. A flawless finish -With a large range of options available, your imagination can take over. Be bold and innovative. Manufacturing has its benefits, so cut out the middleman.

2. Centrally located – Based in Roodepoort we can easily service multiple areas across the Greater Gauteng.

3. Think Big – We are qualified to handle any job – big or small.

3 Reasons to Choose Aluminium for your Home

Aluminium is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the modern home. Not only are aluminium windows and doors aesthetically pleasing but they have an appealing security factor as well.

Nicolene van Heerden, Owner of Alumint Aluminium and Glass Specialists, says aluminium windows and doors are becoming more and more popular for everything from office complexes to cluster units and residential homes.

With 16 years in the aluminium window and door manufacturing and installation business, Nicolene shares what makes aluminum the best choice for your home or business.

Glass Options

Standard as per SAGGA regulations

• 4mm Float
• 5mm Toughened
• 6.38mm Laminate (Shatterproof)
• Clear Artic snow tinted Sandblasting of patterns / logo’s as per customer’s request.
• S10 Solarshield Silver or Bronze (mirror effect)
• Cool bronze or cool grey
• Low E
• Double glazing
• As well as any other glass not specified herein.

Alumint is approved at SAGGA (South African Glass and Glazing Association)

Alumint is registered with SAGGA, this can give you peace of mind that all glass in all products are as per the law.

1. Added Value

With its ability to instantly update your home or office, aluminium windows and doors add value to your property. Above that, aluminium’s unbeatable strength provides an additional layer of security to your windows and doors without compromising style.

2. Minimum Maintenance

Alumint’s aluminium products are powder coated making them virtually maintenance free. As aluminium does not warp, rot, rust or require painting, your windows and doors will stay in top condition for years to come.

3. Energy Efficient

More strength in less product means aluminium is able to hold more glass with less frame. This lets more natural light into your home, lowering your reliance on electrical lighting. Aluminium is also a recyclable product, making it better for the environment.

Give your home a modern transformation with Alumint Aluminium Windows and Doors

The benefits of Aluminium are rewarding, resistant to weather, unlike to wood and steel, aluminium will not swell, rot, crack or deteriorate, being a lifetime solution.

When making a decision to what the benefits are, replacing your existing frames, Aluminum is the answer as it is significantly less expensive than other framing options, not by only increasing the value of your home, it is economical, energy efficient and can be designed to match your décor with frame finishing available to suit your needs.

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